Council of Ministers


Alternate Medical Council of India, or “AMCI” for short, has been formed solely to assist the registered practitioners of alternate and indigenous systems of medicine followed in India since time immemorial. This rich repository but unregulated bank of knowledge has the unparalleled potential to cure and heal people naturally – by dealing with the cure and not just the symptoms!

AMCI is a body incorporated for safeguarding, boosting and certifying the alternate medicine practice and medicines treatment PAN INDIA as well as GLOBALLY. The medicinal practice and treatment and medicines under AMCI is restricted to the field and sub-fields of Yoga, Siddha, Naturopathy, Unani, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and all other alternate medicinal facilities but does not include allopathic treatment, practice and medicines in whatsoever ways.

AMCI council members are basically globally reputed alternate medical practitioners hailing from India and other nations who have gathered to protect and safeguard the essence and existence of alternate medicines, induct to people the advantages of diverting from chemicalized drugs to nutraceutical products, certifying authentic and genuine alternate medicine practitioners PAN INDIA as well as GLOBALLY. The other category of council members in AMCI includes Class 1 ex/active-government bureaucrats, Chartered Accountants, legal practitioners of top repute, ex/active -defense top cadre officials, top administrative consultants, etc whose roles and responsibilities are to sustain and maintain the ethos of AMCI and prevent/avoid any kind of manipulation and un-parliamentary conducts within the Council.

Types of Alternative Medicine

Acupressure Acupuncture Affirmative prayer
Alternative cancer treatments Animal-Assisted Therapy Anthroposophic Medicine
Apitherapy Applied kinesiology Aquatherapy
Aromatherapy Art Therapy Astrology
Attachment therapy Auriculotherapy Autogenic training
Autosuggestion Ayurveda Bach flower Remedy
Balneotherapy Bioresonance therapy Blood irradiation therapies
Body work or Massage therapy Cell therapy Chelation therapy
Chiropractic Chromotherapy (color therapy, colorpuncture) Cinema therapy
Coding (therapy) Coin rubbing Craniosacral therapy
Crystal healing Cupping Therapy Dietary supplements
Dowsing Ear candling Eclectic Psychotherapy
Electromagnetic therapy Equine-assisted therapy Energy therapies
Faith healing Fasting Feldenkrais method
Feng shui Five elements Flower essence therapy
Functional medicine German New Medicine Grahamism
Gua sha Graphology Hair analysis
Hijama Holistic living Holistic medicine
Homeopathy Home remedies Horticultural therapy
Hydrotherapy Hypnosis Hypnotherapy
Hatha yoga Havening Herbalism
Hawaiian massage (Lomilomi Massage) Introspection rundown Iridology
Isolation tank Isopathy Journaling
Kampo Laughter therapy Light therapy
Macrobiotic lifestyle Magnetic healing Manipulative therapy
Manual lymphatic drainage Martial arts Medical Intuitive
Meditation Mindfulness meditation Meridian (Chinese medicine)
Megavitamin therapy Metal therapy Mind–body intervention
Aromatherapy Autogenic training Autosuggestion
Bach flower therapy Feldenkrais method Hatha yoga
Hypnotherapy Moxibustion Music therapy
Myofascial release Naprapathy Natural Health
Natural Herbal therapy Natural Spa therapy Natural Mud & Clay therapy
Natural Beauty Cosmetic therapy New thought Neuro-linguistic programming
Numerology Nutraceuticals Panchgavya
Panchakarma Dilates Power yoga
Pranic healing Prayer Psychic surgery
Physiotherapy Qi Radionics
Rebirthing Recreational Therapy Reflexology
Rolfing Structural Integration Salt Therapy
Self-hypnosis Siddha medicine Sonopuncture
Spiritual mind treatment Support groups T'ai chi ch'uan
Tantra massage Thai massage Thalassotherapy
Tea therapy (tea leaves, plant, tree, roots, green tea) Therapeutic horseback riding Therapeutic touch
Tibetan eye chart Traditional Chinese medicine Traditional Japanese medicine
Traditional Mongolian medicine Traditional Tibetan medicine Trager approach
Transcendental meditation Trigger point Tui na
Unani medicine Urine therapy/ Uropathy Vaginal steaming
Vipassana Visualization/ Visualization (cam) Water cure (therapy)
Wellness Yoga Ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga vinyasa yoga Bikram yoga And Many More

Aims, Objective And Mission Of AMCI

The primary aim and objective of AMCI is to form doctor’s council for all alternative and other related doctors, practitioners, therapies, assistants, treatments and other related therapies for wellbeing of the society at large, with the following objectives: -

1. To take necessary steps to fight against allopathy.

2. To assist Registered Alternate Medical Practitioner (RAMP) in setting up clinics, hospitals and acting as the bridge between the practitioners and the patients.

3. To provide training facilities to the students of our institution and to allow the students from other institution to take training and study in India under the guidance of this institution.

4. To provide basic fundamental rights to alternative doctor/ practitioner/ therapist/researcher by demanding government board/ medical council for the alternative medicine and practice.

5. To promote, protect, explore, set a system, Government Tie-ups, special grants from Government, subsidies, legal support, assistance for the rights, status, legalizing, regulating state/central/high court & Supreme Court orders to protect alternative medicine practice and treatment.

6. To create/ combine patient (s) database via Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform which in-turn shall support to organize, engage, select, arrange doctors for medical events, meetings, discussion and seminars connecting doctors to patients and referring patients to doctors including creating a spool of doctors for the benefit of the society at large. Not only AMCI shall assist the doctors and provide legal support to them but will also provide special training to doctors, sponsorship to doctors for further education and specialization, internship and training to aspiring students, skill development, training, employment to students and trained doctors, secure alternate medicine and similar activities for the benefits of the medical fraternity which in turn will benefit the trust in large.

7. To thoroughly believes in transfer of knowledge on the latest medical developments and innovations, obtaining and giving support and assistance of experts equipment’s and other resources on the one hand and NGOs and individuals committed to promoting objects aligning with our objects within the frame work of the prevalent Government rules on the other hand. AMCI is committed to extend help to other countries under the umbrella of these agencies and other countries on reciprocal basis.

8. To shall provide opportunities to develop skills and talents of children and women with the aim of generating a sustainable income and be independent.

9. To engage in identifying children and needy people to provide them all sort of medical aid, health check-up and offer support through educational scholarships to further their education and good health so as to enable them to become socially aware citizens and lead a healthy life by understanding the importance of hygiene and regular medical check-ups. Inducting them of government policies, schemes via seminars and workshops, etc.

10. To promote each therapy instrument availability, designing advance technology, help in setting-up its manufacturing/processing thereby promoting the final products of each therapy to use and set a sale market and promotion with awareness. To create institutions / centers for identifying psychological and behavioral characteristics of individuals’ and organizations’ through use of modern psychology and provide medical aid through suitable and regular health check-up and counseling processes in a conducive environment for enabling comprehensive personality development thereby making individuals / organizations confident of playing leading roles in any social or socioeconomic setting.

11. To indulge in arranging free medical camps, medical check-ups in economically backward areas of India and conduct awareness programme in metropolitan and sub-metropolitan cities. Promoting and establishing Health Centre and Educational institutions which shall be committed to launching and practicing innovative treatment style and learning methods in the fields that have a bearing on accelerating development in the field of Medical and education. Focusing on enriching knowledge, skills and attitude of individuals, particularly through nurturing of individual giftedness amongst children and youths thereby creating in them quality of good citizenship and enabling leadership and who in turn could impact social and other societal changes.

12. To look forward to promote the society’s objects through conferences, seminars lectures, public debate, exhibitions and other modern communications like the electronic media, Print Media, FM, Social Media nationally and globally.

13. To set up hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare centers, clinics and Aarogya huts or bungalows, hostels, college, university and to issue and in-power RAMP and to provide, encourage, initiate or promote facilities for the discovery, improvement or development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding and prevention and treatment of diseases and to undertake designing and construction of Hospitals and/or other buildings for poor and needy people via fresh set-up or via merger and tie-ups.

14. To offer free of cost treatment in hospital (s) to the weaker and Below Poverty Line (BPL) patients.

15. To undertake, assist, promote, conceive, design, build and construct, establish, setup, develop, run, manage and operate establishments, organizations and institutions, facilities for providing, giving and dispensing medical treatment, medical and healthcare facilities and all health, medical and other related ancillary services, support in carrying out all medical, healthcare activities, including general, multi-specialty, super specialty hospitals and Ayurveda hospitals at free of cost for the benefit of general public at large and for persons below poverty line.

16. To help, promote seed funding, market establishment and provide exposure to promote entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, alternative medical products, tools, machine, Instrument, research, market study, body experiment, lab test, and avail government certification for national supply.

17. To undertake, promote, establish or engage in all kinds of research & development (R&D) work connected with all facilities of medicines or assisting in establishing research centers, engaged in the kind of research work connected with different school of medicine particularly with reference to cardiology & heart diseases for the poor and needy people.

18. To provide, develop and promote research facilities for carrying on research, basic and applied, in all system and discipline of medical and surgical knowledge, keeping in view the socio-medical and socio-economic need of the afflicted community.

19. To organize camps and audio-visual films, posters, advertising, jingles, songs, short films, hoardings, banners to educate the farmers, commoners, public and society at large.

20. To establish or assist in establishing colleges in all faculties of medicine for Graduation, Post-Graduation (PG), Specialization and super Specialization.

21. To train persons in the all forms of alternative medicinal and allied fields and provide them Professional certificates from different medical institutions and making collaboration and affiliation with them for the benefit of the doctors and also to provide Registered Alternative Medical Practice (RAMP) certifications, Professional certifications to them and all other medical practitioner and for the benefit of medical community at large.

22. To increase the RAMP section with more education in the form of compounders, MD, AD, diploma, post diploma, advance diploma, specialist, PhD (detail) and different courses in India.

23. To assist, engage in and provide hospital management services including technical, managerial and commercial expertise required to enhance the functioning of new and existing hospitals. healthcare centers and clinics for poor and needy.

24. To act as technical and advisors on all facts of Medicare, healthcare and hospital management including but not limited to conceiving, designing, surveying, evaluating, implementing, setting up and equipping of new hospitals, diagnostic centers, day care networks, health sanitaria, clinics, health resorts, hospitals poly-clinics, nursing homes, maternity homes, dispensaries, pharmacies, all kinds of laboratories and investigation centers including but not limited to diagnostic, transplant, trauma, anesthesia, critical, rehabilitative, recuperative and mother and child care centers, veterinary hospitals, angiocath labs, blood banks, centers providing ambulance services, dedicated and specialized medical research centers, centers providing facilities and support services to setup a network of such hospitals, clinics, other paramedical facilities and other such institutions, organizations, establishments at free of cost for the benefit of general public at large.

25. To establish Swadeshi Gurukul, Hostels to network with all concerned agencies like the State and Central government, and NGO's associated with disabilities, for bringing about the integration of the physically handicapped into society.

26. To publish and print literature, journals and articles for encouraging programmes for upliftment of the people. To help in publishing books related to alternative medicine and medicine treatment, system, method, knowledge, therapy, streams, courses, herbs, tools.

27. To restore the ancient instrument, method, utensils, art culture, science, treatment, equipment, literature, books and preserve our heritage.

28. To organize nature Adventure Trips, trekking, knowledge trip, conferences, Live Shows, Camps, adventure camps, herb camps, nature camps, medical camps.

29. To extend and receive support and expertise to / from other Societies / Trusts and institutions as and where required for enhancement of efforts towards attaining the objects.

30. To co-operate network and collaborate with other national Societies, Trusts, Institutions, Associations and other organizations in furtherance of the objects of the council.

31. To buy, store, stock, maintain, or otherwise deal in all kinds and varieties of generic and patent/ non-patent medicines, drugs, mixtures, formulations, tablets, pills, powers, pharmaceuticals and medical products, needles, syringes, injectibles, vaccines, chemicals and surgical dressings, kits and instruments and to takeover/ establish/ operate and maintain diagnosis centers for the poor and needy people in the society.

32. To act as a prime body/ noodle agency to implement any scheme and programs as may be assigned or transferred by the Government, and also any scheme/ program of Government of India, WHO, UNICEF, or any other regional, national, or bilateral agencies in the health and family welfare sector.

33. To promote any activity for Health, Education, Sports, Women Empowerment, Better Environment, Upliftment of poor and needy, Medical relief, Social Welfare, Rural Development, Swachh Bharat, Skill Development and Training, Animal welfare, Employment, Relief to poor, Natural Calamity and any other cause of General Public Utility on a charitable basis.

34. To create and execute proposals pertaining to earning, security and survival of widows, senior citizen, orphan kids.

35. To provide assistance to students and trained doctors, also to women specially for Stitching doctor’s uniform (apron, boiler suits, etc.) and other equipments at hospitals and clinics, fabric stitching, and first vendor preference to be given to women enterprises and encourage them to come forward for the same.

36. To provide training to orphans or beggar kids for becoming self-reliant.

37. To setup washrooms, bathrooms, cloth washing rooms, drinking water tanks and taps in villages, schools, countryside, highways, cities as and where required, specially to the villages where ladies travel for kilometers in forest or desert or countryside for fetching the drinking water.

38. To recruit trained manpower and source trainers and experts to ensure adequate participation by them in achieving the objects of the Council.

39. To enter into ethical arrangements via tie-ups or registered with any Government(s), local or international, or authorities whether Central, State, municipal, local or any other person, that may seem conducive to the objects of the Council.

40. To endorse any securities issued by the Government of India or Public Sector undertaking or any state Governments and debentures issued by Urban Local Bodies (ULB), Port Authorities or improvement Trust.

41. To accept grants, donations, assistance from public bodies, corporations, companies or persons or trusts and foundations for the purposes of achieving and advancing the objects of the Council.

42. To establish, maintain, manage, assist, protect, supervise and manage the supply chain of Volunteers and to improve their work reliability.

43. To formulate and execute schemes for the welfare of the old and physically or mentally challenged persons, women, children and the people in the society.

44. To do and undertake the task including training activities in the field of educational and vocational skills for promotion of the society.

45. To establish, undertake, maintain, run, and manage service centers, institutions for Rehabilitation and special nutrition programs for the weaker section of the society for the purpose of the company activity.

46. To help and support the students in the development of technical, managerial and leadership skills and in achieving academic excellence and brilliance in educational field and all other fields of life by sponsoring education and providing them with coaching facilities.

47. To provide any such kind of education which makes the youth physically fit, emotionally balanced, morally uplifted, spiritually awakened, intellectually enriched, academically sound, personally adjusted, professionally proficient, socially enlightened, nationally highly sought after and internationally acknowledged.

48. To provide assistance to the students in developing professional competency, and by providing the resources to attain professional development in order to secure jobs and live a successful life.

49. To run physically, mentally and visually handicapped rehabilitation centers, old age home, Orphanage, Deaf and dumb School, crèches for nonprofit motive which can be availed by all members of the society irrespective of their religion.

50. To conduct seminars, impact studies, workshops, research study and awareness campaign on educational policies, statistics, health, legal issues, women and children developmental activities.

51. To create the means for providing medical assistance to the people suffering from diseases, especially for helpless people and to carry out blood donation camps.

52. To provide non-monetary support, assistance, security, protection and holistic development of women, Children, deprived persons and disabled persons in the society in the field of education, health services and self-sustainability and for supplementary and complementary activities relating to educational, health and general services for upliftment of woman, children and deprived person. .

53. To procure the recognition of the council in or under the laws of any place within as well as outside India.

54. To advance money, either with or without security, and/or to extend monetary support by way of donation or otherwise, to help needy persons upon such terms and conditions as the Council may think fit and suitable.

55. To run and maintain or procure the establishment and maintenance of contributory or noncontributory pension, superannuation or any other funds for the benefit of employee and/ or procure the giving of donations, gratuities, pension, allowance or employment to any persons who are or were at any time in the employment or service of the company or officers of the Council and/ or the wives, widows and dependents of any such persons.

56. To train or to pay for the training of any member or the council's directors, employees or any other candidate in the interest of or for the furtherance of the council's activities.

57. To enter into any arrangement with Government or authority supreme, municipal, local or any person or company or any one of them, and to obtain from any such Government, authority, person or company any rights, privileges, charters, licenses and Concessions which the council may think fit and desirable to obtain.

58. To facilitate monetary assistance/support to charitable, benevolent, scientific, religious or other institutions or any institution established for public purposes and objects, which the Board of Directors think are likely to promote interests or the objectives of the council.

59. To enter into partnership or into any arrangements for sharing surplus, amalgamation, union of interest, reciprocal concession in or co-operation with any person, partnership or company to promote or aid in promoting, constituting, forming, acquiring and organizing companies, partnerships of all kinds for the purpose of acquiring similar establishments or undertaking any property, and liabilities of this council and to acquire control of other companies or firms carrying on similar activities which are conducive to the activities of this council.

60. To Certify Doctors, Hospitals, Clinic, Alternate medical Equipments and Machineries, products, Alternate Medical factory, Courses, Medical plants, organic foods and Labs.

61. To purchase, acquire in exchange or by way of gift, construct, take on lease, control, improve, manage, maintain, retain or work such immovable property or such rights or interests or privileges therein the doing of all such other lawful things as considered necessary for the furtherance of above objects.

Provided that the council shall not support with its funds, or endeavor to impose on, or procure to be observed by its members or others, any regulation or restriction which, as an object of the council, would make it a trade union.

Proposed AMCI International Agencies

1. AMCI Child sexual Abuse Initiative with UNICEF shall/will provide training in Child Sexual abuse.
2. AMCI shall/ will organize and celebrate all WHO, International, World and AMCI days (International Yoga Day, etc.)
3. AMCI shall/ will provide a platform to interact with other associations of the world.
4. AMCI shall/ will influence National policies
5. AMCI representative shall/ will/may be a proposed member of AYUSH, National Board of Examinations and Central Council of Health and Family Welfare.
6. AMCI members are on state and central government advisory board.
7. AMCI members today are in bureaucracy, IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS, etc.
8. AMCI shall/ will have standing committees on all issues of national importance
9. AMCI member will get opportunity to appear in TV shows, Radio show, write articles in print media and participate in public shows.
10. AMCI members will get an opportunity to apply for National and International awards.
11. AMCI recognizes the service of talents within the professional members.
12. AMCI shall support start up projects
13. AMCI honours and supports doctors who author medical books.
14. AMCI also shall have AMCI book of alternate medical records.

AMCI – A Legal Overview

The following books have been released by the Council –

Alternate Medical Doctors Law Volume I - Alternate Medical Council of India (Rules, Regulations, Notifications, Circulars, Acts and Laws from British era and as enacted by the Government of India till today

Alternate Medical Doctors Law Volume II - Alternate Medical Council of India (Judgements passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and various Hon’ble High Courts across India).

In this process Govt. has considered the Orders dated 18.11.98 of the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi in CWP No.4015/96 & OM NO.8468/97, which has inter-alia, directed the Central / State Govts., to consider making legislation to grant of licenses to the existing and new institutes etc. to control & regulate the various "unrecognised" streams of alternative medicines and also to give adequate publicity through media informing public about the Registered Alternate Medical Practitioners and similar other institutes for being recognized by the Government and affiliated with any of the Councils.

The Government constituted a 'Standing Committee of Experts' under the Chairmanship of Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research and members were drawn from various fields of medicine to consider and give its recommendations to the Government. on the efficacy / merits of various streams of alternative medicine and also examine feasibility of making legislation as suggested by the Hon'ble Court. The Committee developed essential & desirable criteria for grant of recognition to a new stream of medicine and analysed the different streams of 'Alternative medicine' viz. Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homoeopathy, Yoga & Naturopathy, Elecropathy / Electrohomoeopathy, Acupuncture, Magnetotherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Urine Therapy / Autourine Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Pranic Healing, Gems & Stone Therapy and Music Therapy.

The Committee has recommended that certain practices, not included in Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy and Yoga & Naturopathy, such as Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy which qualified as modes of therapy, could be allowed to be practiced by registered practitioners or appropriately trained personnel, which were found to fulfill the essential & desirable criteria developed by the Committee for recognition of a system of medicine. The Committee further suggested that all those Systems of Medicine not recognized as separate Systems should not be allowed to continue full time Bachelor and Master's degree courses and the term "Doctor" should be used only by practitioners of Systems of Medicine recognized by the Government of India. Those considered as Mode of Therapy can be conducted as Certificate courses for registered medical practitioners to adopt these modes of therapy in their practice, whether modern medicine or Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy.

After carefully examining the various recommendations of the Committee, the Government accepted these recommendations of the Committee. Accordingly, it is requested that the State/UT Govt. may give wide publicity to the decision of the Govt. They may also ensure that Institutions under the State/UT do not grant any degree / Diploma in the stream of medicine which have not been recommended for recognition and the term 'Doctor' is used by practitioners of recognized system of medicine

(Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Research Desk) Order dated 25th November 2003, bearing No. R.14015/25/96-U&H(R) (Pt))

!!!! No Harassment to Registered Alternative Medical Practitioners !!!

The Police is having no right to injunct or prevent the Practitioner from practicing the Alternate System of Medicine within the scope of the Certificate. Non-compliance amounts to Contempt of Court (In the judgment and Order dated 18.11.1998 in F.A.O. NO.205/92 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India)

Legality, Validity & Utility of the training courses, practice and research in the field of Alternative Systems of Medicines are in strict conformity with the Constitution of India as per Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India and the laws of the land.

Successful and trained students of the Council can practice and profess the various systems of Alternative Medicines as per the Rules and Regulation of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines anywhere in India.

The Hon'ble High Court of Calcutta passed an Order of "Status quo" in favour of Indian Board of Alternative Medicines against the respondents namely (Department of Home (Police), Union of India; Department of Health and Family Welfare, Union of India; Medical Council of India and others). Hence the practitioners of Indian Board of Alternative Medicines can practice Alternative System of Medicines without any interference by the above named respondents.

Registration from Medical Council of India (MCI) is not required to practice the alternative systems of medicines as per their letter No. MCI-34(1) / 96-Med. / 10984 addressed to the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification: Indian Board of Alternative Medicines has been conferred with the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Registration for Providing Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine and Allied Health Sciences Courses Through Regular and Distance Education.

1. Government of India, G.R. No.: 12011/3/80-ISM dated 15/07/1981;
2. Government of India, G.R. No.: 14015/25/96-U&H(R)(Pt.) dated 25/11/1977;
3. Government of India, G.R. No.: 1077/6006/PH-7 dated 01/12/1977;
4. Section 2(2)(iii) of Maharashtra Medical Practioners Act, 1961;
5. Government of India : Recognition of New Medical Systems Bill 2005;
6. Order No. C.O.P. (MD) No 9466 of 2007 dated 14/09/2007 passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Madras;
7. Order No. Crl.O.P. (MD) No 8085 of 2007 dated 09/08/2007 passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Madras;
8. Writ-W.P. (MD) No. 2452 of 2010 dated 25/03/2010 passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Madras;
9. No. V.25011/276/2009-HR dated 05/05/2010 passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Allahabad;
10. Cr.W.P./304/96 dated 19/12/1996

Alternate Medical Practise and Medicine Treatment

AMCI is formed pursuant to all Rules, Regulations, Notifications, Circulars, Acts and Laws as enacted by the Government of India from the British era till today and Orders and Judgements passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and various High Courts across the country. Practising the primary art of healthy living, using organic and naturally grown plant and herbs, following the Vedic systems of Ayurvedic Herbal Preparation and Application. These systems do not involve any allopathic medicines, drugs or surgical procedures. These traditional procedures are purely drugless, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive, non-surgical and therefore devoid of any side effects. As per Government notifications and directives, there is no provision and necessity of registration for their practise. These alternate systems do not come under the provisions of the Maharashtra Medical Practioners Act 1961 and Bombay Nursing Home Act, 1949. They are adequately protected under The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 (23 of 1940) (Chapter IV-A – sections 33-B to 33-O read with the First Schedule (section 3 (a) of the Act)) along with The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 (as amended by The Drugs and Cosmetics (Ninth Amendment) Rules 2017 (G.S.R 327(E) dated 3rd April 2017)) and The Drug (Control) Act 1950 (26 of 1950), The Indian Medical Central Council Act, 1970, Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH), Government of India, Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, Council of Scientific and Industrial Researchand National Commission for Indian System of Medicine Bill.

Thoughts On Alternative Systems Of Medicine

"The Judicious use of Alternative Systems of Medicine is found cost effective and having lesser or no side effects. India stays in rural setup, where medicines from alternative systems can play very big role in curing the primary healthcare problems”
"I am also happy to learn that the Council is providing research, education, health services through holistic approach with complementary alternative & traditional medicines for the benefit of the society."
"Though, both Central as well as State Governments are laying enormous focus to create health care infrastructure, we still face huge shortage of doctors, particularly in rural areas. The resurgence of traditional and alternative medicine can play an important role to bridge this gap. I am happy to know that All India Council of Alternative Medical Science & Research has completed 10 years of its service."
“In India, the Alternative systems have been catering to the needs of people in rural and tribal areas. However, extensive research is required to identify the herbs, roots and other ingredients that have curative properties. This will pave way for rejecting some harmful medicines leading to serious consequences. I hope the Council will initiate some concrete measures in these regards.”
“I am confident that the Council would continue to contribute in promotion of alternative systems of medicine with greater momentum and motivation. I am also sure that practitioners in the field of alternative medicines too would contribute equally to the cause of society and humanity.”
“Alternative Medicines offer inexpensive and effective treatment for many diseases and are more helpful to the common man. Therefore, importance of alternative systems of medicines is being increasingly realized in our country”
“I hope that the Council would continue to play its role in serving the cause of alternative medicine and improvement in health care of the people of the country”
“Alternative medicines are gaining prominence across the world. It is time to integrate all systems of medicines to ensure a holistic approach of treatment”
“The concept of research, education & Health Services of council of alternative system of medicines has given a lot of benefits to the society at large. This alternative system of medicine is well known in India, which is different than other system of medicines and without side effects”
“ Alternative System of medicine is gaining popularity among people not only because it provides an economical alternative but also seeks to eliminate unhealthy dependence on medicines. It explores the cause of the symptom rather than simply treat it.”